Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Friday, 20 October 2017

Term Three MathsiPad maths

iPad Maths Slide 100

Geometry - Shapes

Geometry - Shapes

Geometry - Shapes

Pattern Boards - Making patterns

Pattern Boards - Look at my Rainbow ( Sarai)

I can make patterns that repeat  ( Daphane)

Activities in Term Three " Knights, Castles and Princess"

British Isles: Celts, Romans, Vikings and Anglo Saxons

where did Term three go!!!

Term three raced by and much happened and was achieved in Kereru 2....

Here are some photos from Term 3 ---sorry for the long silence

New Students
  Welcome to Kereru Two - Positive Purple Pirates


Jacob from Kiwi 3
Puatua from Kiwi 3

Gianni From Kiwi 3

Thursday, 13 July 2017

End of Term 2 Reveal

What a lot of hard work Kereru 2 has done this term - Take a look
Autumn leaf animals and writing

Autumn leaf word wall

Printed autumn leaves

Carp[ kites

Healthy eating

Kite fractions

Kite word families

Kite writing

Manu Tukutuku

Our Five Senses

Popcorn Word Wall

Real and Nonsense Words

Bubble Word Wall

Our Ranui Fale

Farewell Kobe we will miss you

Kobes Farewell Cake

We will miss you- keep in touch